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In the implementation of Active, Inovactive, Creative, Effective and Fun learning at least four components or principles that can be identified. Fourth component or principle is:

1.  Experience.
In terms of having students learn a lot by doing, hands-on experience sense. Some activate many concrete examples of the form is to make observations, experiments, investigations, interviews, use of props.

2.  Interaction
Interaction between students to students and students with a teacher is necessary that remain and maintained in order to facilitate the building of meaning. With the interaction of learning became more lively and interesting, potentially meaning errors corrected, meaning that woke more stable and improved quality of learning outcomes.

3.  Communication
Communication can be interpreted as a way to convey what we know. Interaction is not enough if not equipped with communication, because the interaction would be more meaningful if it is communicative interaction. Meaning is communicated to another person publicly makes it possible to get response. Some ways of communication that can be done for example with displays, presentations, reports.

4.  Reflection
Reflection means thinking back to what is done / though about. Through reflection, we can determine the effectiveness of learning that has been taking place. Reflection can provide opportunities to bring new ideas that can be useful in the repair of the meaning of learning outcomes. With the reflection errors can be avoided so not get mistake any more.

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